Sasha Fiero (sashafiero) wrote in sushi_lovers,
Sasha Fiero

A question about salmon nigiri

Hi there! What a wonderful community this is. I'm looking forward to reading it on my friends page.

My question is this: for the best tasting raw salmon for nigiri, is there a particular part of the fish I should be looking for? Or perhaps a specific species?

The reason I ask is that when I go to expensive (REALLY YUMMY) sushi places, the salmon is thick, and fat, and very soft and mild tasting. Unfortunately, since I moved away from Atlanta, I have nowhere to go to find this. There is a Chinese place I went to today that fixes sushi fresh upon request (so no worries about freshness)... but the salmon was really... salmony tasting. This isn't want I want when I want salmon sushi! Non sushi eaters wouldn't understand this; they'd say, "Of course it tastes like salmon!"

So anyway, I'm considering making my own, but there's no fresh fish market around or anything. Do any of you lovely people have suggestions for how to purchase good pieces of salmon for making my own nigiri?

Thank you for your time!

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