Sasha Fiero (sashafiero) wrote in sushi_lovers,
Sasha Fiero

My first attempt at making real sushi!

Nori is so pretty! I didn't know until I pulled the sheet out of the package and the light shone behind it. I had to take a picture.

My first attempt was kappamaki (cucumber). I think I didn't put enough rice in, or roll it hard enough, as the roll was a leetle squashy.

And, because I'm 'MERRIKUN, Spam Lite sushi. I have to admit, it was the tastiest of the bunch.

All three of my lovely efforts - kappamaki, krab maki, and Spam maki. At that point, I ran out of rice, or I would have used the tuna salad mixture I made for the purpose. I sadly do not have access to really fresh, sushi-grade salmon.


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