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Hey all of you. I'm looking for a 'do it yourself sushi' kit/apparatus and I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions as to where I can find one online (or anywhere), and which ones might be better than others. I like sushi a lot and would like to learn more about it, but it can be pricey. I actually want to get this as a gift for my boyfriend, who will be studying abroad. He loves sushi, and since prices in Paris are frightening, I want to give him a little kit he can take over there, and maybe even share his interest and make some for his host family sometime. I'd like to know any of your thoughts on this, are these kind of kits worth it, is it hard to buy nori for the wrapping, are there any types of these kits that are better than others? Just give me any info you have! Don't have a ton to spend, but I want to get one that's going to be useful, convenient, and fully functional. I know I can just buy a rolling mat at an asian market but since it's a gift I'd like to include a 'full set' if possible, maybe with some nice/good quality bowls, dishes, chopsticks, etc. Suggestions as to good sushi guides/books would be great too. Thank you and whatever you can share with me would be very, very much appreciated!

Take a look at a few of these and tell me what you think:

The MakiSushi seems like an interesting design but I don't see a storage kit and it makes them 'square shaped' from what I can see:

This one is pricier but has some good reviews:

This one comes with all the ingredients, although the book is said to be quite basic:

Or should I get one like this, with a modern/silicone rolling mat so the rice doesn't stick to the rolling mat and one doesn't have to use cellophane:

If you have any other suggestions or comments about problems/advantages to any of those styles/brands, please let me know! Thank you!

My favorite roll: Dynamite. Spicy, with tons of softshell crab legs sticking out! Eating it in one bite is a welcome challege.

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