Winning Twice

My idea of a real win-win is two delightful nights of sushi.

I've been in Phoenix for business. Twice I've visited the same sushi bar and have been extremely happy both time.

Yasu Sushi Bistro
4316 E Cactus
Phoenix, AZ 85032
(602) 787-9181

Omakase prices

Hi all, longtime lurker, first time poster.  

I'm in the DC Metro area and trying to find a place to get omakase.  I've been enjoying sushi for a while now, but never done it before, mostly because none of the places I frequent do it.  Usually a good sushi adventure for my girlfriend and I runs about $80-100 once sushi/drinks/tip are all in the picture.  How much does one typically pay for omakase? Do you think it's worth the price?  

Any help is appreciated.

sushi story

Hey, I'm a journalism student who's obsessed with sushi, so when we got a chance to pick anything to write about, I went with sushi. I'm specifically focusing on the sort of subculture that has developed around sushi and whatnot.

If anyone would be willing to let me interview them for the story, I'd be eternally grateful! Please leave a comment if you'd be interested, thanks!
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Eating sushi everyday

Hi all and I'm a new member. I thought I'd join this community because I love sushi! I love all kinds of sushi, especially raw tuna and eel sushi. Now, I'd like to know if it's all right to eat sushi everyday for lunch? I don't mean at the restaurant but buying stacks of prepared sushi or sushi rolls  from food store. I live near a Japanese supermarket.  I'd not eat raw tuna everyday but alternate with salmon, crab and veggie sushi. I just can't live without it!
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Sushi + Bento photos!~


Yesterday I made sushi, because we had a Christmas party @ my university. It was also like a goodbye party, because we won´t see each other very often now that we all graduated. (In Germany there´s usually not a graduation ceremony, although it depends @ which uni you´re studying and WHAT you´re studying)
Anyway everyone brought yummie to eat - and because I just came back from Japan, of course I made sushi (^^'')

My prof. wanted me to tell about Japan, so I did. She was actually in Japan 2 times as well (for work) and she totally fell in love with Japan + the Japanese food - just like me.
So we really talked a LOT about Japan while a lot of the others were listening to us ^^; .... aaahhh~ yappari ... I really love that country and I wanna go back (~____~) .....
If you´re interested in what we were talking about, read the full entry here.

Ahhhhm~ ... anyway here are photos of the sushi I made ^^;

(sushi photos ahead! ~only look if you´re not hungry right now ;P)

Question (just because I´m curious): Do you prefer to eat your sushi "fresh" (when the rice is still warm and the sushi was just made) or cooled (when it was left in the refrigerator for a while)? ^____^

(Bento 21+22)

My first tamagoyaki. Well ... it´s not perfect yet (plus I don´t have a rectangular pan, but ... oh well~ ^^ .. it was yummie!)

(煎茶 が 大好き! ♪♪)
Moomin Love

Hiya, newbie here!


I'm new to making sushi, though I've loved eating it for ages. I looked up some basic vegetarian sushi recipes, but reading through the posts here it seems like I didn't get everything I need. :/

I bought..
Nori sheets
Nishiki Rice
Soy Sauce
Filler bits (courgette, cucumber, peppers, egg, etc)

But apparently I need some sort of special vinegar too, and a mat to roll it on? Can anyone clarify for me about the vinegar, and is the mat essential/worthwhile? ^^;

Also, general tips for starting out would also be appreciated. :)

JG: Ueto Aya (上戸彩) - eye cover


Hey there,

I went to Japan for 3 weeks and have now made a huge picspam concerning the Japanese food @ my journal.
I thought it might be interesting for others as well :)

We also went to a sushi restaurant of course ^^

(~ 140 more pics ahead)

- Do NOT look at it when you´re hungry right now XD
- Image heavy, not dial-up friendly!